Welcome to the Cognitive Systems Lab


The learning algorithms of the human brain are still far ahead of the capabilities of any technical system (and yes, that includes the famed deep nets!). The human cognitive system learns quickly, generalizes easily and robustly to new situations, and it uses multi-sensory information.

In our lab, we enhance the understanding of the algorithms employed by the human cognitive system through the use of cutting-edge methods from machine learning and computer graphics coupled with neuroscience experiments.

We are also working on transferring this knowledge to implementations of intelligent, artificial cognitive systems that can be used in robotics, computer vision, computer animation, and clinical applications.

Here are the different research topics that we are currently working on - click to follow to a dedicated page:

Social face processing (representations of facial expressions, cross-cultural evaluation of conversational facial expressions, modeling of face shape)

Multisensory and multimodal object processing (combining vision and touch for object processing, shape representations in the brain, multisensory skills in robotics, virtual reality studies using vision and touch)

Decision making (virtual reality and EEG experiments to investigate decision-making in difficult conditions)

Evaluation, validation, and improvement of algorithms from computer graphics, computer vision, and visualization in human-centered applications