Prof. Christian Wallraven

wallraven (at)

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Dilara Derya (KU)
Processing of Conversational Facial Expressions in Parkinson’s Disease (PhD)

POETICON project

(ended 2010)

Miquel Feixas, Jaume Rigau, Mateu Sbert

(University of Girona, Spain)

Douglas Cunningham

(BTU Cottbus, Germany)

Uijong Ju 주의종 (KU)
(Re-)acting under Real Conditions - Decision-making tested in VR (PhD)

Dave Marshall, Paul Rosin, Andrew Aubrey (RIVIC Wales, U of Cardiff)

Taeho Kang 강태호 (KU)
Cognitive Process Modeling using EEG (Master)


Sunyoung Choi 최선영, PhD (2017)
Cognitive control in bilingualism - a multimodal imaging study (PhD)

Haemy Lee Masson 이혜미, PhD (2015)
From anatomy to function: investigating multisensory shape processing in the human brain using multimodal neuroimaging

Younbyoung Chae, PhD (2015)
The role of body ownership in neurophysiological responses to acupuncture stimulation

DongCheol Hur, PhD (2015)
Automatic Analysis of Complex Facial Expressions

Kathrin Kaulard, PhD (2015)
Visual Perception of Emotional Conversational Facial Expressions

Björn Browatzki, PhD (2014)
Multisensory Object Recognition Skills for Robotics

Yoon Gi Chung, PhD (2013)
Neuroimaging studies on cortical mechanisms of human sensorimotor functions

Christian Herdtweck, PhD (2013)
Learning New Data-Driven Representations for Monocular Computer Vision

Nina Gaißert, PhD (2011)
Multisensory Object Perception Combining Vision and Touch

Lisa Whittingstall (née Dopjans), PhD (2011)
Visual and haptic integration in face processing

Christoph Dahl, PhD (2010)
Physiological and perceptual object processing in primates

Manfred Nusseck, PhD (2008)
The relative contribution of non-canonical information sources in (nonverbal) human communication

Theresa Cooke, PhD (2007)
Perceptual Similarities Amongst Novel, 3D Objects

Furat AlAhmad (2017)
Connecting the dots: Braille reading improves haptic recognition in the sighted (Master)

Dilara Derya (2015)
Conversational Expression Processing in Parkinson’s Disease

Jörn Freese, Guest (2014)
Picture Memory for Art

Haenah Lee, MSc (2013)
Recording and Validation of a Large Database of Korean Facial Expressions

BoRa Kim, MSc (2013)
Comparing Korean and German Skills in Face Processing

Eunsoo Choi, MSc (2012)
Illumination-Invariant Face Recognition Inspired by Human Perception

Ahyoung Shin, MSc (2011)
Building a 3D Morphable Face Model based on Implicit Surfaces

Ahyoung Shin 신아영 (KU)
Cross-cultural Analysis of Conversational Facial Expressions (PhD)

Hans OpDeBeeck

(KU Leuven, Belgium)

Laurent Petit

(Université de Bordeaux, France)

Younbyoung Chae

(Kyunghee University, Korea)

Furat AlAhmad (KU)
Multisensory processing of affect (PhD)

Hyongsok Ryu  유형석 (KU)
Effect of blue-light lenses on the brain (Integrated Master/PhD)

Hyeokmook Kang 강혁묵 (KU)
Using VR to investigate multisensory shape processing (Integrated Master/PhD)

June Kang 강준 (KU)
Automatic Processing of Emotions in Empathy  (PhD)

Yiyu Chen (KU)
Lie Detection with Advanced EEG (PhD)

My research output at a glance:

h-factor (google scholar): h=29

ResearchGate score: 37.22

Publications: 58 articles (13 of which appeared in Top10%-journals according to Thomsons Journal Citation Report), 60 peer-reviewed conference papers, 3 books, 8 book chapters, 54 citable abstracts

Supervised students: 29 (15 PhD, 14 Master), currently: 12

Funding (sum over past three years): ≈540.000 €

Social-network profiles:

John Williamson (KU)
Local and Global Processing in Face Processing (PhD)

Klaus Mueller

(SUNY and SUNY Korea)

Hyungjun Moon 문형준 (KU)
Deep-learning algorithms for conversational facial expression recognition (Master)

Hakeum Im 임하금 (KU)
Emotion processing (Intern)

Siamac Fazli

(Fraunhofer HHI, Germany)